laconism [lə kän′i siz΄əmlak′ə niz΄əm]
[Gr Lakōnismos < Lakōnizein, to imitate the Laconians]
1. brevity of speech or expression
2. a laconic speech or expression: Also laconicism [lə kän′i siz΄əm]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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  • laconism — /ˈlækənɪzəm/ (say lakuhnizuhm) noun 1. laconic brevity. 2. a laconic utterance or sentence. Also, laconicism /ləˈkɒnəsɪzəm/ (say luh konuhsizuhm). {Greek lakōnismos imitation of Laconians (Spartans), who were noted for brief, pithy speech} …  

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